Locating my office:  804 Pershing Drive, Suite#202, Silver Spring MD. 20910 in Downtown Silver Spring.   The office is on the corner of Cedar and Pershing Drive. It is about 1/2 block behind the Whole Foods parking lot

Getting into the suite:  When you make an appointment I will give you a code that will open the door to the suite.


Getting there by car: The office is in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, but convenient to the Beltway.  A map of the neighborhood and driving directions can be found here:    Map

Parking: There is metered parking on the street (Pershing and Cedar).  There is a municipal lot near office building, on Ellsworth which is 70 cents/hour.

By Metro: The office is located approximately 6 blocks (.6 mile) from the Silver Spring Metro station. In nice weather, it is about a 10 minute walk from the metro to the office. There are also Ride On buses and the free ‘VanGo’ circulator bus (Info Here  and Here)that will get you closer. You can use the trip planner feature of the metro webpage here (Does not include VanGo information)

        Walking from Silver Spring Metro station to 804 Pershing Drive #202 See Map

  1. Exit station through SOUTH SIDE SILVER SPRING METRO STATION entrance.
  2. Walk approx. 2 blocks NE on Colesville Rd.
  3. Turn right on Georgia Ave.
  4. Walk approx. 1 block SE on Georgia Ave.
  5. Turn left on Ellsworth Dr.
  6. Walk approx. 2 blocks NE on Ellsworth Dr.
  7. Turn right on Veterans Pl.
  8. Walk approx. 1 block SE on Veterans Pl.
  9. Turn left on Pershing Dr.
  10. Walk approx. 1 block NE on Pershing Dr.