How do I schedule an appointment?  You can leave me a confidential voicemail at (301)-466-8501. I try to return calls within one business day. We will  have a phone conversation to see what kinds of services you are looking for and if I can be of assistance.  If after the conversation you decide you’d like to meet for an appointment, we can schedule one at that time.

If you prefer, contact me by email (KMGConsultation@yahoo.com) .  However, please realize that there are limits to the privacy of electronic communication.

When do you offer appointments?  Currently, I offer afternoon appointments on Monday through Thursday. My earliest appointment time is typically 11 am and my latest time is 5pm. Available times vary, so please contact me to see if we can find a mutually convenient time to meet.  Appointments are typically 50 minutes long, though I can offer 75 minute appointments if that seems more helpful..

How much does therapy cost?   My current fee for a 50 minutes therapy appointment is $160. I have some sliding scale appointments for those who are unable to afford this and/or do not have insurance.

What kinds of payment do you accept?  I accept credit cards, check, or cash at the end of each session.  You can also make credit card payments via PayPal by clicking the link on the side of the web page.

Will health insurance cover the cost?  I am considered an “out of network provider”.  Many health insurance plans will reimburse the insured individual for some portion of an “out-of-network” outpatient psychotherapy fee.  Please contact your member services by the phone number on your insurance card to determine your exact benefits.

How long will therapy last?  How often will we have to meet?  This varies greatly depending on the nature of the concern we are working on.  Peoples time in therapy can range from a very brief time (6 meetings) or can last more than a year for more complex issues.  Generally I prefer to meet on a weekly basis initially.  After an initial assessment period, we can decide if meetings need to be more or less frequent.