Treatment Philosophy

My Treatment Philosophy

As a therapist, I want to help clients experience greater freedom and happiness. At some point in their lives, most people find themselves caught in unhelpful patterns or habits that are difficult to change in the area of emotions, relationships, or behaviors.

I have an integrative approach to therapy, which recognizes the importance of the many connections in our lives. There are connections between our minds and our bodies, our thoughts and our feelings, and our past experiences and our present behaviors. In therapy, I work with clients to deepen awareness of these connections as they work to make changes in their lives

Together, we will work together to identify desired changes, and understand the feelings at the root of the problem situations or behaviors. This often means being in touch with pain from the past and working to heal that pain.  In the process, clients generally find that they have more compassion for themselves and for others.

I use Mindfulness as an important tool for deepening awareness of thoughts and feelings in the present moment.  I also incorporate techniques from a variety of therapy approaches which fit your personality and needs. These may help you become more aware of feelings, develop new skills, or build a greater sense of peace.